New Country, New Life, and a New Blog!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new blog! You may have just found this (in which case hello) or you may have followed Sam and my trek through Europe in May/June 2014 (in which case welcome back).

To start, the beginning posts for this site are not going to be regular. Why? Because we still have no internet! YAY! For two people addicted to technology the past week with no internet has been tough. It’s especially hard because we believe we’ve located a fiber set up in our apartment, which is the fastest internet out there.

Many out there may be asking, “Then why haven’t you gotten it hooked up?!” Good question! I just moved to Japan last week and am living in company housing. Because I have a landlord of sorts, I have to work through them… We considered getting some slower temporary internet, but the main issue is that we have no idea when we will have internet, which could even be today or tomorrow. Therefore, by the time the temp internet arrives, we might already have internet, which would render the internet rental a complete waste. Also, for the temp internet there are data caps, which means it would be near useless for us anyway.

Anyhoo… It’s already been a pretty eventful week. We arrived Monday (8/25) afternoon and got through immigration and customs by 6. We planned on having my training in Tokyo, but the person that was going to run the training needed to take his vacation (and later was ill) so they moved my training to Tateyama, Chiba, which is actually where my placement was going to be after the training anyway. Instead of a hotel, they let us stay in our future/present apartment. That was actually pretty nice because we were able to immediately set to fixing the place up.

The person who lived in our apartment before us seemed to be quite the bachelor. He very kindly donated many of his appliances and things, such as a rice cooker that is ¥15,800 ($158), but he also left hints as to his lifestyle. Some examples are the empty can of beer in the closet and the full, unopened can in the fridge. He also is missing some cookware which Sam and I would use often, like a steamer, but he did have a cocktail crafting set. We didn’t trust the dishes he left behind to be clean, and rightly so! After we turned over two of the salad plates, Sam noticed a sort of scum that needed to be scrubbed off. We don’t know what it was, but do we even want to know? Probably not…

Needless to say, we’re still trying to fix up our apartment to our liking. So far we’ve only made small superficial changes, but today my desk and chair arrive! Now the fun times may be underway!

I’ve been feeling rather homesick, and a large part of that is related to the lack of internet, but Sam and I heard about a cafe with free wifi. That’s where I am now! It’s called Sea Days Coffee and it’s like a taste of California. They have a yoga studio, rock climbing wall, and overpriced drinks, all of which comes with the free wifi that I’m using right now! The drinks may be a bit pricey, but they’re pretty good and usually things you wouldn’t be able to find at the store. Examples: raspberry soda, green smoothies, passion fruit juice, mango juice, etc. They also have acai bowls and other food. I haven’t eaten any of it… So. Yeah…

I actually need to head home to get ready for work and all that jazz. Today is my last day of training, which is a little daunting… I have my previous teaching experience behind me, but even seasoned veterans can experience the stress dreams that focus on the most mindless things. The other day I had a nightmare about trying to choose my outfit for work… What?! Ridiculous… (>.<)

Anyway, I might end up using or not using this site. If I do, see you (hopefully) soon. If I don’t then… who knows?

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One Response to New Country, New Life, and a New Blog!

  1. Kristin says:

    Empty beer can in closet…nice.


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