Yesterday other than internet…

So, yesterday at work was fun. Since it was a Tuesday, Teren was there (although he is on vacation next week). Our classrooms are really only poorly made cubicle walls, so I can hear everything in his class, especially when he sings it. Which is constantly.

Yesterday Teren was obsessed with “Put ’em in a coffin,” which I have included a reference video for below:

We both agreed that these acts can be quite obnoxious, but Teren kept trying to put me in a coffin and throwing himself against our shared, crappy wall. We are both not super in love with our company (haven’t drunk enough of the koolaid I guess…) so I looked at him and said, “Contest! Whoever can break the wall first wins.”

Our next class was super fun. Teren’s kids, whom where slightly older than mine, loved “Put ’em in a coffin,” while my kids loved when we sang ten fat sausages and would kick the wall when one when pop and the other went bang! My class also noticed that during our normal game of “hands up” where they pretend to shoot me and I die in an overly dramatic fashion (I inherited this game, but kept it since they love how I ham it up) I would be throwing myself against the wall. Because of this, whenever I was close to the wall, they would shoot at me. Smart kids!

I would say that Teren’s class probably won that round, but my class really pulled their weight for being only three preschoolers! While it wasn’t the most responsible thing for us to do, the kids had a GREAT day.

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