Review: Grapes?

What’s one thing you didn’t think someone would review? Well, probably grapes. Grapes are really different in Japan. They’re rather plump and the flavor is distinctly different, even though the color would make you guess that you have eaten a green or black grape before. But you haven’t! (Unless you have…)



So, grapes. As you might be able to tell from the above picture, we went with a grape sampler. Fruit is pretty expensive and we had no idea which type we wanted when we decided to have grapes. In America I was a strict green or black grapes kinda gal, never really went for those red fellas. Our local Odoya happened to have a sampler with three grapes that fit that criteria.

The black ones to the right (for reference please check the above picture) were sweet and juicy. They were similar enough to concord grapes, but their sweetness surpassed concords by a longshot. I remembered that there were grapes in Japan that had skin you could squeeze the grapes out of, but these weren’t them… I tried with everyone I ate, usually resulting in juice squirting at me. You could say I never learn, but it was in the name of science! Or something!

Anyway, the black ones on the bottom were probably the most different; they tasted like wine almost! Not as though they had been fermented or gone bad, but they just had a very winey flavor for a fresh fruit. I feel like if you had actually made wine out of them, you would probably have the epitome of wine at your disposal. That’s how much they tasted like wine. Alot.

The green ones are last because, in my opinion, they are the best. You pop these into your mouth and BAM! What is going on with that grape?! It’s totally different from an American green grape! It’s flavor is sweet and light with a floral taste that lingers. It’s one of the most amazing grapes I’ve ever eaten. That being said, I think I have proven I don’t know much about grapes… But my previous statement still stands.

So, there you have it! If you’re in Japan, even for an absurd layover on the way to some other destination, it might be worth your while to get some grapes! Or, if you don’t have access to any but you happen to find a vending machine, my favorite drink so far is a green grape and aloe drink that has aloe pulp in it. It’s has that light floral flavor of the grape which melds well with the taste of aloe. A machine near the park I eat lunch at has them, so I might snap a pic and add it to this post later. Check back if you’re interested/care in the slightest!

EDIT: Here’s the picture mentioned above:

Pure deliciousness...

Pure deliciousness…

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2 Responses to Review: Grapes?

  1. Leda says:

    Just curious, how much did the sampler cost?
    I bet those grapes would make great raisins!
    Love this blog! Xoxoxo, Leda


    • owegami says:

      Produce is expensive in Japan, so the grapes cost something like… ¥500? Which is about $5… When we went to the festival, there were a few stands that were just grapes. You could buy 2 kilos worth for ¥2,000 which is $20.


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