Follow-up on training day…

Recently I have been getting calls from junior executives in my company asking how I have been adjusting. That’s nice, I guess. They tend to be very kind, gentle conversations.

In the past month I have found that most of the people in my position have lasted less than a year, usually sticking around for a mere 2 months. The longest one lately has been D, the previous tenant of my apartment. I currently hate D, as I have spent many a day off cleaning up his mess and poor choices when it came to interior design. I mean, c’mon! Three bookshelves that block a door?! You don’t have to play the Sims to understand that is a terrible choice…

Anyway, one of the two calls was from the aforementioned Julian. I wanted to write this post to (I guess) analyze the difference between him at training and him on the phone. At training he was insistent and intense while, on the phone, he was supportive and apologetic. The reason I find this interesting enough to write about is two-fold: 1) he was nice enough that I feel a little bad about hating him so intensely and 2) I am currently wondering if this might be something that is common in the Japanese workplace.

I have heard tell that in Japanese companies, many of the business gatherings result in a “All Hail the Company!” sort of feel. According to my friend whom helped me get this job, that was what I was witnessing at the training day in Tokyo. Therefore, the question is now whether or not this should be considered an act. I think it’s too early for me to tell, especially since there seems to be a large amount of motivation for higher and lower executives to keep me happy in my school.

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