This week was pretty stressful because I was sick from the start. I’ve also been a bit stressed out at times which has resulted in my jaw popping when I eat. Super fun. I think it’s mainly about the whole drive to keep student numbers up, making everyone like me is now part of my job, and that I need to talk slower. That last one has been the hardest part of my job, but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it…

Right now my school has about 100 students. There are two teachers only on Tuesday, and one of them is going to have possibly 5 free hours during the work day. While there is a constant stream of new, boring paper work I have to do, there is also a very constant lack of time. I spoke with one of my bosses yesterday and she brought up how this school is close to having the right number of students to hire another teacher… in March? I should also work to get more and more students, which hasn’t been a problem since I’ve had 5 kids sign up since I joined. I don’t really know where else to put these new students, since I don’t have any free time to give them, so… Hmmm…

I’m also really falling hard out of the honeymoon phase with Japan. Sam has been doing fine, but with my struggles at work, I find that I want to kill all humans (minus 1) by the end of the week. This is not rare, as my manager seems to feel the same way. When the work week starts, she is so helpful and tries to fix everything. By the end of the week, she tells me how she doesn’t like the plans that we came up with on Tuesday and is now aiming at something that I hate/disagree with… Also I need to smile more and constantly give more praise. There is apparently no ceiling on the praise I should be giving…

Is this normal for business? I have no idea. I’m really missing the public sector where all the insanity came from some distant, ridiculous politicians.

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2 Responses to Hmmm…

  1. Leda says:

    What about the volcano?! Tell us where you are in comparison to that. Love you both!
    (Aunt) Leda


  2. owegami says:

    We’re really far away from the volcano. In driving terms, based on Google Maps, it would take about 6 hours to drive there.

    I believe we may have been feeling the small quakes that led up to it, but we thought it was the construction down the street. Usually, since I lived in California, I never actually notice the earthquakes. However, this time I have a floor desk and floor chair, so I am able to notice it much more.

    Since the volcano erupted, I haven’t felt the same quakes, even though we still have the construction going on, so I think those two were related even though we didn’t notice it.


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