Early Halloween…

Work has been busy…

Things have gotten better since last week, since I don’t feel like death warmed over, but I am now in the midst of planning and prepping for our Halloween week. When is it you ask? It starts Tuesday… Apparently my company wanted to snag all the students pumped for Halloween before the other schools even had a chance to hang a jack-o-lantern. That’s great and all, but our decorations have to be completely gone by the end of October (in order to decorate for the spelling bee) which is when the real Halloween takes place… So… Hmmm…

I also have to dress up and wear a costume all week. I wanted to be a dinosaur, because that’d be awesome, so I ordered an outfit on Amazon.jp. After a while, I wondered where my costume was and why it was taking so long. Apparently, to ship from Shanghai to Japan it takes a minimum of 2 WEEKS. What?! WHY?! I had to order a backup costume, which was Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service.

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3 Responses to Early Halloween…

  1. Leda says:

    Ok, I had to Google that, but Kiki sounds like a better costume to me. Easier to move around in, and not as hot. Important considerations when it’s for a WEEK!! Of course, we want photos! maybe Sam can wear the dinosaur on the actual Halloween. 😉


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