What’s it like to be in a typhoon? Kinda scary… Lots of wind going 70 mph… I kept freaking out that the windows would break and shard of glass would kill me, so I scooted my desk back. Thankfully we have those windows that have wire netting in them, so that probably wouldn’t happen. I’m just not used to this whole crazy weather thing.

Our apartment keeps shaking from the force of the wind. Because I have a floor desk, I can feel all of it more than if I were sitting on an Western style chair.

We seem to have lost our clothes line… It had a nice hanger with clips on it… Who knows where it is now? Had I known that was a possibility, I probably would have done something to avoid that… I hope it didn’t hurt anyone…

It’s pretty crazy, but in the end we did say we wanted weather and, look at that, we got it!

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2 Responses to Typhoon

  1. Jeff Bryant says:

    Woah. Had no idea you guys were getting hit with heavy weather like a typhoon. Sam experienced hurricanes in NC. Hope it didn’t get too traumatic.


    • owegami says:

      We’re fine. I didn’t know a typhoon was coming, but yesterday James told me when I sent him an email about going to the doctor. Sayuri’s mom emailed me to check how we were and may have mentioned another typhoon coming, which from the looks of it is Vongfong. That one might be here next week, so we’re going to plan ahead this time. We accidentally did get some really good typhoon foods yesterdat, such as instant soups and teas, but next time I think we’re going to do a little more than that.
      The worst that happened for us this time was with our clothing rod. The windows are fine and we’re ok.


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