Being a Foreigner Dreams?

Last night I didn’t sleep that well; at 3am I kept hearing a buzzing of a mosquito that I really wanted to kill since they’ve spread dengue fever to Tokyo. Also, I just hate mosquitos since they love me so much…

When I finally got to sleep, I had a dream that Sam and I (and some random family and friends that kept changing; at one point I remember it being Jeff and Shanna) were walking around looking for a place to eat in London or Paris. We found one restaurant that had an Italian prix fixe meal, which had a starter of some cured ham, a main of pasta, and the dessert was strawberries and cream. The bowl that the strawberries was served in was huge and had a large rim around it that was big enough that you could sit on.

We all thought this place looked good, but were confused by the dessert; why was it in such a big bowl?! Then it came to me and I exclaimed to my group, “OH! I’ve heard of this! You have to eat them with your feet! The rim is big enough to sit on because you have to sit on it to get your strawberries with your feet!”

Everyone thought this made sense but were a bit wary of trying it out. Since I was the person that realized how you were supposed to eat it, I volunteered. I took off my shoes, climbed up on the table, and shoved my feet into the huge bowl. I grabbed a footful, put them in a bowl, and then used my feet to get some whipped cream as well.

Nothing bad had happened, so everyone thought, “Oh, this must be right, but I’m just not that into this to do it myself.”

So, the dream continued with us walking around Paris/London, but we all wanted some more dessert so we came back for some more strawberries. Being the veteran, I had no problems with it so I climbed back up to foot out some more grub. However, this time, I wasn’t very stable and the bowl tipped over and made a huge mess. The waiters came over and were hurriedly cleaning and apologizing saying they have no idea how this could have happened. They brought out a new bowl and I saw other customers come and get strawberries, only they got them with a large spoon and remained standing on the ground. It was then that I realized I had repeatedly made an ass of myself.

So, I guess my dream was about how it feels to be the constant gaijin/foreigner and, literally, put your foot in your mouth.

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4 Responses to Being a Foreigner Dreams?

  1. Muriel Goldfarb says:

    This has to be one of the funniest dreams I ever heard! Good for you !

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  2. kimsg870 says:

    Yup. You’re definitely the daughter of a therapist! I so look forward to reading your blogs. It transports me right back to my expat days in Hungary. As challenging as being a gaijin can be, it’s a reminder of how delicate and vulnerable we are when outside of our traditional comfort zones. Those reasons alone are what propels me to travel, explore and delve into foreign cultures. You’re living out my dreams~ I can’t wait to read more up coming tales of S&S! 🙂 Love, Auntie K


  3. Robert Goldfarb says:

    Having–especially as a young soldier– often been a stranger in a strange land– I understand your having such a dream, the eternal outsider. But having that realization is the beginning of finding one’s way into the surround. In our trip in May to Paris I made a decision, to not go to Paris, but to let Paris come to me. That meant letting myself experience the city as it is and not try to somehow shape the city to what I wanted it to be. It worked, and I felt I had come home.

    Oh, btw, Bubby is having a party at Leda’s tonight–Saturday,7 PM EST–maybe you could email her or Shanna or Isaac who will be there with some thoughts on her 80th b’day. We so wish you were there to enjoy this special night with us.

    I love an d miss both of you, PopPop


  4. Shanna says:

    That is a really hilarious dream. I’ll bet it felt all squishy on your feet!


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