Stone Cooked Sweet Potato

We just got back from a trip to our local Aeon, where I saw something Teren had mentioned; stone roasted sweet potatoes. It’s a simple recipe, just heat some stones, throw a sweet potato on there, let it cook until the skin is crisp and crackly.

Let me tell you, this thing was awesome. We got it on discount since it had been a few hours since it was made and Teren had said it was worth trying. We ate it on our walk back to our apartment, but it really didn’t make it to the first intersection. By the time we got to our apartment I was craving more. It was like a dry, caramelized sweet potato. Sam promised if he sees them again he’ll pick them up for me.

Needless to say, it was the best snack for a walk home ever. (In my opinion)

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2 Responses to Stone Cooked Sweet Potato

  1. deb92024 says:

    MORE details on how they are made, please!!


  2. owegami says:

    I wasn’t actually there this time, but maybe I will be there early enough today and I’ll see them make it. Basically I think it’s just like going to a sauna for sweet potatoes. You just get a dry heat going and then you put the potatoes on. Rotate them until they are crackly on the outside and the inside is really almost caramelized. That’s all I can tell you…. FOR NOW.


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