This week.

This week had some serious ups and downs, which resulted in me needing some serious sleep to recharge.

Let’s start with downs, so we can end on a high note, shall we?

My jaw has been aching since I came to Japan, probably due to some level of stress or something. I am not exactly sure about why, but I’m contemplating getting a new pillow to see if that helps, since it always hurts in the morning and now we have a mattress that is not as good as my beloved one in California (before we bought a mattress pad for it this week, you could feel the springs when you were on it. That got really old fast).

I had training this week, which meant I was walking into another weird session of “Who really loves the company?!”

I have a very tough student that, after discussing it with one of the leaders at training, it was decided that I shouldn’t teacher her and she should have a Japanese teacher instruct her instead. After I brought that information back to my school, I was told by a different boss that I needed to teach her and just do what I was doing before that was proven to not work. Super fun and not infuriating at all. This series of events led to me not being able to sleep because I couldn’t stop stressing out over it. On one of my hardest days, I was operating on 3 hours of sleep. Thankfully, kids really don’t care if you’re tired, so their energy sort of helped me.

Now the good!

I took two natural muscle relaxants (thank you, 303’s!) and my jaw is feeling amazing this morning!

The training was actually really good! I even got to bond with some of the other teachers and make some new acquaintances/friends. It started off on a high note when I ran into some of the other teachers while I was lost. We shared an umbrella and chatted about the upcoming events. They were pretty awesome people.

And, finally, when my manager realized that that one student was worrying me, she said she would discuss things with the student today. I was really angry before, when I was told that I had to teach her, since that seems to be their response to every student. However, on a positive note, I think that is because she thinks I’m a good teacher, so it sort of turns into a compliment.

So, I’ve been busy. But today is my day off! Here I am blogging about some stuff and getting to video chat with my super adorable nephew, Avery. I nicknamed him Bavery, which is short for “The wee baby Avery”.

Later today I am going to Kamogawa for a lunch thing with a new Native teacher. Woooooo!

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One Response to This week.

  1. deb92024 says:

    So glad you and your jaw seem to have agreed to a peaceful settlement as arbitrated by 303’s! xox


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