Culinary Rut

For all the bad in America, the culinary diversity in many places is staggering and a constant source of happiness for me. One thing that I’ve found frustrating with our recent move is that our food choices have been sliced in half – at best – and my busy schedule has made it tough for me to indulge in trying new things. This was starting to really upset me since I live for food, both literally and figuratively. So, today, I tried a new breakfast to switch up my routine! (I clearly like to live dangerously!)

One thing that has come up in conversation a few times since coming to Tateyama is goya, also known as bitter melon or bitter gourd. I’ve tried it in the past and couldn’t handle the bitterness; it was just too strong of a flavor. However, one of my students told me about how mixing it in scrambled eggs makes a delicious dish.

Today, in honor of being tired of everything, I tried the most adult, slimy breakfast I could thing up. Scrambled eggs with okra, natto, green beans, bitter melon, and green onions, all over rice. I threw some soy sauce in with the eggs and natto and then added some at the end to top it all off as well. I also sautéed a clove of garlic in with the green bits. However, the most important step was how I treated the bittermelon; I looked up a recipe and followed their prep step, which is to let the thinly sliced melon pieces sit in salt water for 5-8 minutes and then squeeze them out thoroughly. This step took the bitterness down at least 10 fold and made this vegetable delicious!

In the end, this was a super slimy and super tasty breakfast! If you aren’t turned off by that interesting texture, try this one out. It’s also pretty healthy. And feel free to take a page my book and take a picture to show you’re eating it with mismatch chopsticks! Oh well.

I think I've eaten my daily green veg...

I think I’ve eaten my daily green veg…

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3 Responses to Culinary Rut

  1. deb92024 says:

    Clearly your chopsticks match your socks! And your breakfast looks delicious! xox

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  2. Bernie says:

    For someone with your proclivity for wearing mismatched socks, it is not surprising that you have extended this to chop sticks. However, chop sticks are not socks. They have powers! Like you’re not supposed to point them at people you’re eating with. Be careful! You may be in danger.
    With respect to bitter melons, I’ve had some strong bitter melon dishes in some Chinese restaurants. Strong enough so that I didn’t always choose to finish them. If the Japanese dishes featuring them are much more mild, then that’s good news. xox


    • owegami says:

      I’m not entirely sure if the bitter melon itself is more mild or if the dishes just end up being mild because of the preparation method, but it was much more palatable than any of the bitter melon I’ve had in the past. But, again, this could have been because of the salt water soak I gave the melon slices before stir frying them…


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