Experiments Under My Sink

Yesterday I realized something: I’m gonna be here for a while– and by here I mean Japan. Sam also said that maybe we shouldn’t plan to leave until we know Japanese, which means we definitely have some solid years in Japan (I guess he’s enjoying it here?).

What does it mean to me that we’re going to be here for a while? It means I can do something I’ve wanted to try for a while, but I don’t quite know what this is called… Infusing alcohol? Making fruit wines? Something… Look. I’m putting fruit into bottles of alcohol and letting them sit for months until they’re the best alcohol in the world.

Anyway, yesterday I bought three glass bottles (and promptly broke one…), some みかん  (mikan; type of tangerine. I had all the other fruit already),  and two cartons of shochu. Why did I choose shochu instead of vodka? Simple! Vodka gives me a near instant migraine. I chopped up the bits that needed chopping, added sugar, and filled them with alcohol. Hopefully in two months I’ll have some fantastic fruit wines!

I ended up making a pomegranate one, a みかん one, and one using fruit that Mai had given me from her parent’s farm. I think the last one is called うすき (usuki).

I’m pretty psyched to see how this will turn out! Honestly, anyone that knows me might be asking why I’m doing this since Sam and I don’t drink that much. In fact, Sam was asking me that as well! To this I would reply, when I do drink I would rather drink a nice beer (based on my own preferences) or a nice fruity wine, therefore I would rather have something special for these rare occasions. Besides which, little bottles of these would make great presents for people come Hanukkah time!

My experiments!

My experiments! I took this pic this morning, after they were sitting overnight.


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5 Responses to Experiments Under My Sink

  1. deb92024 says:

    Must be something about this time of year – I’m making cider vinegar, preserved jalapenos, and (soon) sauerkraut!


  2. Diana Steele says:

    Those are some darling bottles/jars!
    When shall we come?
    Diana Steele, (distant, now) neighbor


    • owegami says:

      Ms. Steele, you have been and will always be welcome whenever you want to venture our way! I’ll hopefully have a refreshing glass ofみかんしゅ waiting for you!


  3. Shanna says:

    Looks interesting! Guess the fact that you are going to be there for a time we need to make a visit plan. xo


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