Just a quick laugh

Something funny happened yesterday, so I figured I would share it quickly. The second one is really great if you’ve ever played the game Minecraft.

I have a student on Saturdays who also has classes on Tuesdays, so we will often talk before and after his Tuesday classes about random things. Yesterday, he randomly asked me what しっていますか (shiteimasu ka) means in English. I was having a rough couple of hours around then and my Japanese just slipped out of my brain, so I had no idea. When my manager, Mai, came by I asked her. She looked at me and said, “Do you know?” I told her no, I can’t remember. She looked confused for a second and said, “Do you know?” and I said, “No. What does it mean?!”

Right at that moment, one of our new Japanese teachers, Mari, came by and Mai asked her. Mari looked at me and said, “Do you know?” At this point I was just like, “What?! No!” and she said, “shiteimasu ka? It means, ‘Do you know?'” I then laughed and said, “Oh! It’s like ‘who’s on first!'”

Everyone stared at me with total confusion. It was then that I realized I might have to explain what “who’s on first” meant, at which point I panicked and said, “AMERICAN JOKE! AMERICAN JOKE!!”


My student resumed what he was previously trying to say and asked me, “Do you know Minecraft?” I told him I did and he was super excited, but needed to go to class.

When he came back after his class had ended, we resumed the conversation but were interrupted by Teren. (Quick note: Teren used to teach this student, loves him, and will constantly pat him very hard while saying “buddy…” repeatedly, as a reference to Lenny from Of Mice And Men. This student doesn’t enjoy this or Teren.) Teren began patting him and saying buddy when my student turned to me and, while pointing at Teren, said “Creeper!”

Teren was shocked and started yelling, “He called me a creeper!!! HE CALLED ME A CREEPER!!

I laughed so hard, because it was a perfect description for their relationship. I then turned to my student and said, “Creeper, like in Minecraft?” and he confirmed that he meant that. I then explained to Teren what a creeper was in the game of Minecraft. It was hilarious.

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One Response to Just a quick laugh

  1. Shanna Bryant says:

    Haha!!! Would be quite an exercise to do the “Who’s on First” joke for them in Japanese though! Could go over like the “Why did the three Wise Men smell like smoke” joke I told to my NYC pals. “Because they came from afar!” (Get it? afar? Like a fire in Southern?) Yeah, like that.


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