We decided to go to another shrine today in the historic area of Asakusa. Its more touristy than Meiji shrine but also a bit more elaborate because the area includes historic shopping streets, gates and a pagoda.
The first thing you come up to at the main entrance is the Kaminarimon (thunder gate).

After that is the main shopping street that leads up to the main shrine grounds. Most of the shops sell touristy things but there are some interesting traditional foods and Japanese products scattered throughout as well.

That’s Susannah talking to Chihiro on the lower left.
Afterwards is the secondary gate to the main shrine grounds with the pagoda, various buildings, and the shrine itself.



This shrine is far more ostentatious than Meiji’s humble facade, and the inside is decorated lavishly with gold and paintings.



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2 Responses to Asakusa

  1. Robert Goldfarb says:

    How wonderful it all looks, even if you find it more ostentatious than Meiji. How are your Mom and Dad? Love, Bob and Muriel


  2. Shanna Bryant says:

    Wow. Just wow!


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