Interesting dinner

We went to a restaurant the specialized in a dish called Dozeu. Apparently it is a very old dish that is relatively uncommon in Japan. Even Chihiro had never eaten it before. Dozeu is loach and it is served sizzling on a cast-iron skillet over hot coals. When it gets to the table it is covered with green onions and a special sauce to keep it from drying out. It is also a available with egg.


While it makes for an interesting center-piece, loach isn’t a particularly palatable fish, so everyone seemed to enjoy the side dishes more. The salad, fried burdock (not pictured), chicken meatballs with very lightly cooked egg, and soup went over very well and seconds were ordered of every dish.




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  1. says:

    Is there any comparable fish we would know that is like loach. Catfish? Bluefish? Love your blogs, you both write so well. Can’t wait to hear from your folks on their return to get their impression. Hope they write as well as both of you do! Love, PopPop


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