Visit to tateyama

We took a day trip to tateyama so Deborah and Bernie could see where we live. It was fairly leisurely with a stop at one of our local sushi restaurants which everyone agreed was some of the best sushi we’d ever had.


Tateyama is known throughout the region as having the best sushi, but we’d never really gone for the good stuff, Generally preferring cheaper fare. I wouldn’t call what we had this trip “expensive” but generally we don’t order sushi that costs more than $2 a plate.
We also had sake that was chilled to -12ºC so that it had small bits of ice in it.


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2 Responses to Visit to tateyama

  1. says:

    I love your posts. Thank you, and keep them coming. So well written, so descriptive. Have a wonderful vacation, and a very happy, healthy New Year. Love to the four of you. Bob and Muriel (Bubby and PopPop)


  2. Shanna Bryant says:

    Mandy the sushi looks good!! Hope that place is still there when we come to visit! xoxoxo


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