Akihabara and more Go Go Curry

Akihabara, also known as Tokyo’s “Electric Town,” is a kind of nerd paradise, combining some of the largest electronics stores in the world with dozens of different comic book, video game, and DVD shops. When we arrived we were fairly hungry, and luckily there was another Go Go Curry right near the station exit. We placed our orders at the vending machine in the front, and went to sit at the counter. I ordered the chicken cutlet curry, and Susannah, feeling adventurous, went for the curry mixed grill.IMG_0146It came with, not only, generously sized chicken and pork cutlets, but two sausages, an egg, a deep-fried shrimp, and what looked like a pound of rice and curry. She ate 7/8ths of it before giving in.

We wandered around Akihabara taking in the various sights, as well as visiting some eally cool arcades and browsing comic and toy stores. At night the entire area lights up fairly spectacularly putting even Time’s Square and Picadilly Circus to shame. This is a fraction of what we saw:

IMG_0148 Please disregard the elongated man in the panorama, he was moving while I took it.


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