Dinner in Odaiba

In Japan “themed” eating areas seem to be popular and while in Odaiba we decided to go to one. The theme is Edo (the old name for Tokyo) in the Meiji era (roughly late 19th early 20th centuries). And the food they serve is ramen. After wandering around an enormous shopping complex we came to an old bridge with a Torii gate in the middle of a hallway. This signaled the entrance to a food court with multiple ramen vendors in the style of an old Japanese festival. This is what part of the room looked like:

IMG_0139There were multiple shops to choose from, each specializing in a different type of ramen.

First was the tonkotsu (simmered pork bone) ramen (similar to what we had earlier in the trip).

IMG_0124Next was the Gyukotsu ramen. Similar to tonkotsu except with simmered beef bone instead of pork.

IMG_0123Then there was miso-based ramen from Hokkaido (the northern island of Japan) which is famous for having corn and butter in it. We also got some extra green onions.

IMG_0126And finally, soy-based spicy ramen from Japan’s island of Shikoku.


Everyone had their own favorite soup but they were all delicious, and it was interesting to compare all the disparate styles among this single food.

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5 Responses to Dinner in Odaiba

  1. Leda says:

    Wow! Gorgeous photos!!
    Didn’t you report a butter shortage a while ago? Those all look great. So, each of you went to a different stall to get the style you wanted? Each stall only makes a single dish??
    Sounds like a great vacation. Not too many gringos in the shopping mall, it looks like. Are people friendly to you, or do they take it in stride?
    Love, (Aunt) Leda


    • owegami says:

      Yes, there is a butter shortage, but it is probably easier to find it in Tokyo than Tateyama. Each stall makes a hand-full of dishes but they have one particular recommended dish and we all decided to get those.
      One of the nice things about Japan is that people are very friendly, and they really appreciate it when you try and speak Japanese and they act very impressed even if you do a terrible job.


  2. Shanna Bryant says:

    I’ll have the spicy soy one, please!


  3. kimsg870 says:

    Gimme!!!! Oh, Mandy! I had to force myself not to drool all over my keypad… Can I just shove my head in your soup, please?? 😉 Ramen is one of my favorite go-to’s when I’m hungry and it’s cold and rainy. It hits the spot perfectly. I also like cold Ramen with the dipping sauce. That’s something I tend to go for in the spring/summer.


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