Since the beginning of the trip Deborah had been interested in going to an area known as Kappabashi, or “Kitchen Street”. Kappabashi is an entire shopping street dedicated to various cookware including, silverware, knives, dishes, ovens and pretty much anything else you can image that is related to cooking. There are dozens of stores and each one is packed to the brim with items.

IMG_0143 IMG_0144 IMG_0141Susannah, Bernie and I couldn’t even tell what a lot of these things were for, but Deborah (a cookware connoisseur) seemed to know what was well-made and well-priced. Susannah and I managed to last over an hour before we felt the need to do something else. We’re not sure how long Deborah and Bernie were there looking through the piles of pots and pans, but legend has it that on nights when the moon is full you can see two figures wandering through the streets, ever searching for the perfect cast-iron skillet.

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