Tsukiji Market

No trip to Tokyo is complete without a visit to the Tsukiji fish market. Tsukiji is Japan’s largest seafood market where 700,000 tons of fish are sold every year, accounting for 600 billion yen. It’s actually become a very popular tourist stop, however the inner market (where the auctions are done) was closed to the public for the holiday season. The outer market where there are various retail stores and sushi restaurants is very crowded, but it is still interesting to look around.IMG_0150We didn’t stay long because it was difficult to move with all of the people around. We did manage to go down the street to get a nice sushi brunch though.

We decided to walk through Ginza, a very upper-crust shopping and business area of downtown Tokyo, on our way back to the train station. One the way we stumbled upon an interesting English-style tea shop. Their pastries looked good so we decided to sit down for a brief respite. The meal was modeled after british High Tea and had very fancy dishes with delicious tea and cakes. The scones with jam and clotted cream were very authentic.IMG_0154 IMG_0153 IMG_0152

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2 Responses to Tsukiji Market

  1. Robert Goldfarb says:

    I love!!! your reports.I can feel the city, smell the fish! Taste ther clotted cream. Both of you are wonderful writers. Is there some way you can have them distributed beyond friends and family, a kind of outsider/insider’s look at Japan? Keep them coming.

    Finally–and last time I’ll mention this (Thank God!, you say.)–Sam, find a way to become fluent in Japanese. Tutors are a fine way. I believe you could come back to an exciting career–one which gives voice to all the wonderful qualities within you. The combination of writing, fluency and your love of comics and the games they are giving rise to, could open a splendid career.

    OK, no more nagging. But it would be awful to let this opportunity–and its promise for your future– go untapped. Again, we’d pay for the schooling. Love, The Nag

    Love, The Nag


  2. kimsg870 says:

    No tea and scone with clotted cream is sufficient without a side of nag… 😉 I was just about to share that PopPop and I love going for traditional tea although sometimes we’ll make do with hot cocoa or coffee. My only nag is that y’all keep those delicious, exciting, fun, adventurous stories comin’. 🙂 I always look forward to reading about your life and what sort of experiences you’re having. 🙂 xo


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