A Mont Blanc


My mom fell in love with a chestnut Mont blanc that she ate during our fancy tea outing, so I figured I’d quickly share a surprise I got for Sam the other day; a potato mont blanc! You may have noticed he has a strong interest in sweet potatoes, well this is a layer of sweetened purple potato, satsuma sweet potato creme, satsuma sweet potato bits, custard, and cake. It was amazing!

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3 Responses to A Mont Blanc

  1. Robert Goldfarb says:

    I thought a Mont Blanc was a pen! Can you get them in the States? They–the dessert–sounds wonderful. I love your posts! Keep them coming, and, I hope, you are keeping copies. These will make a great book one day! PopPop


    • owegami says:

      Maybe you can get them in the states, though I have never seen one before. They’re quite good, should you see one. Very popular in Japan, though it might be something you can only find here since it is a change on a different, French dessert (I believe).


  2. deb92024 says:

    Not fair posting wonderful things AFTER we leave Japan ;(


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