Final Dinner in Tokyo

For our last dinner we decided to go with something a bit different. Deborah and Bernie had been enthusiastic about eating Japanese food (makes sense considering our location) during their trip, but we eat Japanese food almost every day so we decided to have something else.

We were in Harajuku looking in some used and vintage clothing stores when we got hungry for dinner. I looked online for a place nearby and found an American-Style BBQ restaurant nearby.We were missing the taste of home a bit so we decided to check it out.

Much to our surprise it was actually quite authentic and very good. Even more surprising was that they provided North Carolina-style vinegar sauce. Even in America, outside of NC very few BBQ places carry this kind of sauce. We were surprised by this and asked our waiter about it, and he said that the chef is actually from America.IMG_4274The selection of sauces available  at the table.

IMG_4273Pulled pork, cornbread, and coleslaw; doesn’t get more authentic than that.

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