I made some food today!

This is the last day of my weekend, which meant that Sam and I went to get haircuts (not a weekly tradition by any means) and I got to cook dinner. Sam has to cook most nights of the week, as I work until 21:00, and usually get home at 21:30 because of paper work and such. When it’s the weekend, we both get to treat ourselves, since I love to cook and he loves to not have to cook.

I’ll start by talking about the starch: since going back to work, after our trip to Tokyo, I have found that I am too hungry to be at my best the last two hours of work. Because of this, I have started bringing some rice balls with my to work, usually opting for shio onigiri, which translates into salt rice balls. They’re super easy to make and, for some unknown reason, I love them and crave them often. All you do is make rice, make salt water, dribble the salt water over the rice. Stop adding salt water when they taste amazing. Finished.

Because of my recent need for a rice snack, I wanted to start experimenting with the different rice additives my new country offered me. I ended up with three different possible rice outcomes, as shown below.


On the left we have an edamame furakake (this one might actually be added before making the rice, but I’m too lazy to check right now…), in the middle there is a seed and bean mixture that is added while the rice soaks and cooks, and the right we have a red bean mixture which is added while the rice cooks (and maybe while it soaks; again, not sure yet.)

This time around, I opted to make the seed/bean rice. Below is the packaging with the picture of the nicely made rice.



I didn’t think to take as nice a picture as that, so instead here is a picture of the rice I made as it sits in a tupperware after dinner:

"Oh my goodness! What a fabulous picture! Just look at the lighting and juxtaposition. It's a masterpiece!"

“Oh my goodness! What a fabulous picture! Just look at the lighting and juxtaposition. It’s a masterpiece!”

So, the rice was actually pretty good, in my opinion (Sam said something along the lines of he noticed the difference and didn’t feel it made the rice better). Also, there are some leftovers which I might shio onigiri up for tomorrow’s work day.


For this dinner, I got to try out a recipe that I have been eyeing for the better part of a week. Actually… I might have been eyeing it for well over a week… It really doesn’t matter, so let’s agree I wanted to make it and move on. For those of you that might be interested, the recipe in question was Nom Nom Paleo’s Cracklin’ Chicken.

I first became interested in Nom Nom Paleo while I was still living at home, as my parents went on an anti-gluten diet and it was stomach turning going through gluten-free recipes. I then discovered that most Paleo recipes don’t try to compensate for not being able to eat certain things. I still follow her because I like most of her ideas, even if I still eat bread, grains, and all things unholy.

So, we chose to make this recipe for one of this week’s meals since everything sort of came together by accident. Sam and I don’t love dark meat, and I especially have a dislike for chicken thighs (there are just so many damn pockets of fat and bits you have to clean! MY GOD! I also don’t like eating it for the most part…) so we instead substituted them for some chicken breasts Sam had already purchased which had the skin still on. As the recipe recommended, we seasoned with our favorite seasonings. I chose togarashi (a Japanese spicy pepper mix) and pepper, sam chose salt. We didn’t want to go crazy with it since we had never made this before and I was already experimenting with making my own ghee.

In the end, it was awesome and we both agreed that we want to eat it again. We served it with a side of tomato sauce, since we had no other vegetables ready to eat.

Here you can see the ghee to the right and finished chicken in the center

Here you can see the probably-too-browned-but-whatever ghee to the right and finished chicken in the center

Chicken close-up

Chicken close-up

Sliced chicken breasts

Sliced chicken breasts

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One Response to I made some food today!

  1. kimsg870 says:

    Noms away! Looks so plump ‘n’ juicy~ so much better looking than the kinds of chicken we have in the States… Keep your foodie tid bits coming~ I love reading about your Japanese eating experiences. 🙂 Btw, I know just what you mean about hitting a slump toward the end of teaching. You’re hungry, spent and eager to slipper up and settle in at home with good food and Sam. 🙂


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