Long time no post

Hi, everybody!

Man… It’s been over a month since our last post. Here’s why!

It all started when I got back to work and became very sick; it was truly painful to speak, and I would even mime things to Sam, which usually doesn’t happen. Even though I gave them more time than they ask for (I told them I was sick 8 am the day before, rather than that day), they still couldn’t get someone to cover for me. Because of this I was only able to take off one day and I as told I needed to be sure to apologize to everyone because of my day off. By the way, this is the only sick day I have taken in the last 6 months.

So, I decided enough of this noise, I’m gonna get a new job when my contract is up (I still love my students, so it’s not unbearable. But it can be). After I started searching, I found a job (EDIT: Literally found this job. Did not get the job yet. Sorry for the misleading wording!) that would allow me to live in big city and be a real teacher. Everything about it looks amazing, but I have to get some stuff together to make it really happen. So, I’ve been preoccupied and have been trying to keep some sort of momentum so I actually have a chance at landing what could be a dream job for me.

Anyway, sorry for the absence. I have a big test that I’m taking May 7th (related to the previous paragraph) so there might have a bit of radio silence until then. I’ll try to put some stuff up now and then, but I can’t really make any promises since writing these can take some time.

But there is one more post that is coming up directly after this one!

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4 Responses to Long time no post

  1. Leda says:

    OMG!! Welcome back! I’ve missed you!!
    You need to get Sam to cover your blog while you’re busy.
    Many congrats on finding a great new job. Good luck with all the details. Can you tell us what city it would be?


    • owegami says:

      Well, I haven’t gotten it yet. I’ve just found one that I want (sorry if my wording was misleading!) and am working so I have a chance to get it. This job would be in Tokyo, which would be great for both of us since that’s the city with the most job opportunities, let alone for foreigners.

      More than this, the job made me realize that my break from official teaching positions can end. I’m finally ready to get everything together and become the type of teacher I’ve been preparing to be.


    • owegami says:

      Also, thanks for welcoming me back! I doubt I could get Sam to cover for me since he only likes travel writing…


      • Leda says:

        I understood you hadn’t actually gotten an offer yet, but I think it’s a pretty big deal that you decided to look, and that you found something you could see yourself applying to.


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