Tonight’s dinner

Today I wanted something simple and tasty with some rice. I also didn’t want to spend money since I bought some work clothes today, and that adds up fast. I had an inspired thought and ran with it, so for dinner I had お茶づけ ochazuke. It was amazing. It was roughly based on this recipe, though I didn’t do the fish; just salty stuff from around my apartment. I also happened to have a ochazuke seasoning packet that came with a bottle of water I bought, so that definitely helped.

If you decide to make this, I used Hojicha as a base and it was fantastic. おすすめ!

IMG_4448 IMG_4449

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2 Responses to Tonight’s dinner

  1. Robert Goldfarb says:

    I failed to add my email etc. in replying to this, so here’s a reprint. The meal looks both delicate and hearty, a wonderful combination. If ever you make it for Bubby no garlic or shellfish (a real culinary challenge!). Hope you are happy, and loving Japan. Miss your wonderful posts and was excited to receive three at once. Please ask Sam to send us one of his wonderfully written messages. Love, PoPop


  2. deb92024 says:

    Makes me hungry just to see it!


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