Dinner in Shinagawa

For dinner we decided to get kaiten-zushi (sushi-go-round) at a restaurant tat we originally tried to go to with Deborah and Bernie, but it was too busy. It was a bit hard to find (even though you can see it from the train) but we made it, and after a 20min or so wait we got seats.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is what a kaiten-zushi looks like when you specifically order a dish from the automated menu (click the link, the video should play automatically):


This particular kaiten-zushi is special because when you finish 5 dishes, you deposit them in a receptacle and get the chance to win a little toy.


In that example I didn’t win a toy, but a few minutes later Susannah won one. There is a capsule machine above the table and the toy pops out there.

The sushi was also very good and ridiculously cheap (most dishes were $1 per plate).

IMG_0277 IMG_0280

The fries were good too.

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2 Responses to Dinner in Shinagawa

  1. Shanna Bryant says:

    That looks just like something you guys would love! How cool that y’all are there!


  2. Rwg30@aol.com says:

    While the line moves very quickly in your link, I’ve had sushi at a restaurant in–of all places–Gardena, CA–which had a slower-moving conveyor. I loved the food–it wasn’t $1,00–but my host (a client) went there only to please me. He would rather have had steak. So, your link brought back memories of tasty food and a rather sour host! Love, P


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