Western Brunch, and a Trip to the Gardens.

Since it was full-on Spring while we were in Tokyo, we decided to check out some of Tokyo’s famous gardens. On the way there we stopped at a restaurant to get a western-style meal.

Mostly because they advertised that they sold apple pie.

It was a bot expensive, but good. And it was nice to have some western food for a change. We were especially craving the pie.


Susannah got the bagel plate. It wasn’t very authentic, but better that a grocery store bagel (and better than pretty much anything else in Japan):IMG_0284

And I had chicken noodle soup, which was pretty good:IMG_0283

We continued to Hama-Rikyu gardens, named after a famous tea ceremony instructor.

IMG_0292 IMG_0296

It’s kind of weird seeing this amount of greenery in the midst of an enormous city. These pictures were taken on top of a hill, but if you are down in the gardens it’s hard to even tell you are in a city.

There is also a lovely tea house in the middle of the lake, but it was very crowded so we didn’t go in.


The highlight is the 300-year-old black pine tree planted by the 6th Tokugawa shogun:


It is the oldest black pine in Tokyo.

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