Famous Curry for Dinner

For dinner we decided to try Japan’s most famous curry franchise, CoCo Curry (not to be confused with GoGo Curry, where we usually go). CoCo Curry is known for allowing the customer to customize their curry pretty much any way you want. From base meat, to sauce, spicyness and tons of toppings, you can pretty much have whatever you want.

Susannah got a beef stew-based vegetable curry, topped with roasted eggplant and pickled ginger.IMG_4593

I got a chicken-based curry with a deep-fried pork cutlet, and fried garlic on top.IMG_0324I also decided to get it extra spicy, which turned out to be a bit of a mistake because it was too hot. Normally Japanese curry has a very mild spice (even if it claims to be hot), so I got it very hot to compensate for that, but I overshot a bit.

Still, it was pretty good overall. We still prefer GoGo Curry in terms of taste, but having a lot of customization is nice too.

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