Visit to Ueno

On our way to lunch near Ueno station we saw one of the JSDF’s (Japan Self Defense Force) new experimental police robots being transported (it’s laying down on the truck bed).IMG_0326 Patlabors (a portmanteau of “patrol” and labor”) are part of Japan’s new push for a more mechanized labor force. For the next few years, the Japanese government will be testing out various models not just for police or military purposes, but also for industrial and municipal jobs. Here is an informational film put out by the Japan Self Defense Force describing their goals:

(Just kidding. That was a joke.)

We also went to a nearby noodle place for lunch. Susannah and I both got the same thing, that’s why there is only one picture.IMG_0327It was really good, and cheap too. I’m convinced that it is impossible to have a bad meal in Tokyo.

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One Response to Visit to Ueno

  1. deb92024 says:

    You must have repressed that horrible food we got from MacDonald’s on New Year’s Eve when everything else was closed….


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