Namja Gyoza Town

For lunch we decided to go to a gyoza (Japanese meat dumpling) theme park. Similar to the ramen theme park we went to last time. However, this place was way more elaborate (and a bit more expensive). It was an entire recreation of a Japanese post-World War II town. The main attraction (for us) was gyoza street. It was 10 different restaurants devoted entirely to specific types of Gyoza.


Here is a floor map of the eating area from the english guide:Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 4.43.41 PM

This is the entrance to the gyoza area:IMG_0350

This is where we sat to eat:IMG_0347

Different eating area, designed like a Showa-era Japanese street:IMG_0353

The hall with all of the restaurants:IMG_0352

We finished lunch off with some purple-potato and mango flavored soft-serve.IMG_0355

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One Response to Namja Gyoza Town

  1. Robert Goldfarb says:

    Why aren’t all Japanese fat (you too!) with theme parks devoted to food? Like chicken soup theme park in NYC! PoPop


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