Finally Indian Food

We noticed that near our hotel was an authentic-looking indian restaurant with reasonable prices. Normally Indian food is very expensive in Japan. We haven’t had any real Indian food since we arrived here so we went to get some. Susannah got the lunch special, which came with a variety of dishes, and the largest nan bread we have ever seen.IMG_0364

Because chickpeas are so rare in Japan, I wanted to order chana masala, but they didn’t have it on the lunch menu (although it was available for dinner). We asked the waiter if they could make it anyway and he said yes. He walked over to the chefs (it was an open kitchen) and gave them the order and I could instantly tell that one of the chefs wasn’t pleased with my special order. He gave the waiter a “are you freaking serious?” face,  and they had a bit of a tiff, but the order came no problem and it was awesome.IMG_0365Afterwards we thanked them profusely and went on our way.

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