Susannah’s Special Dinner

Susannah heard about a kind of restaurant where you can catch your own fish, decide how it’s cooked and then eat it right away.

So Susannah’s friend Chihiro took us to one. Most of the pictures and videos in this post are actually hers.

The restaurant had these huge pools of fish:IMG_0358

I think Susannah was having a good time:IMG_0357

After getting your table and ordering drinks, at any point you could go over to one of the pools to try and catch your fish. Hooks, rods, bait, and nets were provided. We caught a flounder and a sea breem.IMG_4596

After getting your fish (which is easier said than done) you choose how you want it cooked (deep fried, grilled, sushi, sashimi, soup, and more) and they bring it to the kitchen.IMG_0360

They give it a nice presentation, and bring it to the table.

Flounder. Half deep fried, and half sashimi (raw). IMG_0361

Grilled Japanese style (with a sweet soy sauce glaze).IMG_0359

The head was used to make a broth, and it was served with rice and tea (chazuke). IMG_0363

Everything was was surprisingly good, and it was fun to get our own fish.IMG_4594

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3 Responses to Susannah’s Special Dinner

  1. deb92024 says:

    Never ever thought I’d see you writing such a positive review of a fish restaurant!


  2. Sayuri says:

    Haha, Susannah, I love that you are still rocking the unmatched socks even in Japan where you have to take your shoes off a lot :p


    • owegami says:

      Thanks, Sayu! I woke up, read your comment, and feel awesome because of it! But yeah, I gotta be me.

      We have a genkan at my work, so we don’t wear shoes while we’re there. I have had many confused teenage students giggle at me like, “Oh, sensei. You’re such an idiot. Look at your socks!” But then I usually tell them it’s like that everyday. They seem to get it by the third time… Even my adult students have started asking, but when I tell them why they say they will try to check next week.


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