Relaxing at a Cat Cafe

In Japan, a lot of residences don’t allow pets, so the pet cafe business has sprung up to give people the opportunity to hang out with various pets in a residence-like setting. Cat cafes are the most popular kind, but there are also rabbit, bird, and dog cafes as well.

Each cafe has it’s own particulars but they aren’t really the kind of cafe people are familiar with in America. For example, most of them don’t serve food, and some of them don’t serve drinks. They are really just focused on the animals, so you can get things like toys and treats for them.

The one we went to (called Neko JaLaLa) served drinks, so Susannah and I each got some iced tea (the cups come with special lids to keep pets from drinking out of them).

The cafe was designed to look like a Japanese living room so we could sit on couches or on the floor, and we got some treats to help encourage the cats to come up to us.IMG_4611 IMG_0504 IMG_0501

There were at least a dozen different cats and a handful of other customers. The space was fairly small, but not cramped.

This particular cafe specialized in rare and exotic cat breeds including Abyssinians, Persians, Norwegian forest cats, and Maine Coons. There was one absolutely gigantic cat that was easily 3 times the sizes of any can I’ve ever seen, and probably twice as big as Blondie (the dog, not the band).

We don’t have a lot of pictures because time absolutely flew by while we were there, we paid for an hour, and it felt like 10 minutes. I definitely recommend visiting one.

Here are a few more pictures from various places online:img_5756 cupboard_cat_and_the_beast img_5757

There were a lot of rules we had to follow (the owner spoke very good english) but it was clear that she cared a lot about the cats and that they were very well taken care of. There was even a little room that only the cats were allowed in if they got tired of people.

It had a great atmosphere and everybody seemed like they were having a good time. It really was a great experience.

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