Food Fests – Garlic

Only a few days after the initial food fest (meat fest), we found ourselves attending “garlic fest.” As garlic is more of an addiction for Sam than a favorite ingredient, this festival was of mandatory attendance. What we found was… ok.

At garlic fest we first lined up for the カルビーどん kalbidon which is a bowl of a specific type of beef. This beef bowl had a special sauce and was topped with fried garlic slices, which aren’t hard to find at supermarkets as a salad or other meal topping. We waited a bit in line and when we got to the front, they switched chefs and the new guy stiffed us our fried garlic. I quickly turned around to get some, and they obliged, but it was confusing that the main ingredient of the whole festival was forgotten. When we got the bowl, the best part was definitely the sauce; it was sweet, spicy, and garlicy. Neither of us loved the quality of the kalbi, but the sauce made the whole thing worth it.

Our second stop was for paella. Sam wasn’t very excited for the paella, so he mainly ignored it, but I has been wanting some for a while by that point in our Japan stay, so a nice Spanish break was welcomed. I thought the dish was good, but it wasn’t anything I hadn’t had before. I still liked it better than most of the kalbidon.


Third dish was tacos! TACOOOOS! We miss tacos. We eat them fairly regularly at home, but we haven’t really ventured out of the apartment for most Mexican food. That’s not to say that there isn’t any Mexican food in Japan; surprisingly this culinary corner is becoming more and more explored by the Japanese. We even managed to get an alright burrito when we first moved here (the tortilla they used was a bit odd though…). Back to garlic fest, the tacos were pretty great and I would put them in first of second place for our garlic fest dishes.


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