Sorry for the long delay, but writing a blog doesn’t come naturally to either of us and, quite frankly, is a pain in the ass. I mean, we’re not really social media people, ya know? That being said, a few people have made some requests for posts and, now, here we are.

This post is more a list of the ones to come and a quick update one what has been happening in general.

I mentioned that we found an apartment (I think?), and we have been furnishing said apartment over the past month and a half. There were a few days of sleeping on the floor, which wasn’t the best, but one thing we found hilariously depressing was that it was actually pretty comparable to the mattress we had at the temporary apartment. That being said, we certainly don’t regret getting the previous apartment because, in the end, it gave us time to find a place that we actually love. It’s very small, but that actually suites us quite well; I’m very lazy, so not having to travel far to throw something out or put something away allows me to be cleanly for once in my life! Also, heating a small apartment is cheap and quick, so we have that to be thankful for as well. We got a big ol’ couch to fill in where our dinner table is meant to be, because we don’t eat at tables really ever.

Moving on, the area we live in is fantastic. It has the feeling of small town and big city all at once. We’re able to be regulars at our local bakery (which we already are and the bakery itself was featured on Japanese tv; they make a nougat stuffed croissant, you guys. It’s AMAZING.) while also taking a short subway ride to places where we can play video games, shop for random things, or just generally explore our new city.

To occupy most of our outings when we first moved to this area, we started attending food fests! I made a previous post declaring my love for meat fest, but what you were not informed of was garlic fest, ramen fest, and curry fest. I’ll make a post of those three in a bit.

We also took a day to have a fabulous trip to Kamakura. I’ll make a post about that as well, including the amazing food. Seriously fantastic stuff. I want to eat it again. Right now. Actually, Sam made some of his bolognese at my request, so let’s go with tomorrow and not right now. Anyway, to the next posts!

(Kamakura might be over the next few days.)


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One Response to Hellooooo!

  1. Rwg30@aol.com says:

    Dearest Susannah and Sam: While it’s been a long time, hearing from you was wonderful. While in NYC, we had lunch and dinner with your parents who looked just great. Of course, I couldn’t let Bubby even read your post about garlic fest, because she’s allergic to it. Any whiff of garlic on the post would have been terrible for her. But all the other dishes sounded fabulous, so I simply edited out the word “garlic.” It could be the new chef left the garlic off because he heard about Bubby’s allergy. You write wonderfully, a “moat of sauce!” Both of you have made such an adventure of your time in Japan, no staying in some sort of expat corner and avoiding the Japanese. When I was in the Army in Germany and traveled all over the place, most soldiers thought I was nuts. “Why not just stay in Frankfurt instead of taking trips? Here you can be with people who speak English.” The photo that you were not supposed to take was a joy to look at. So tranquil, so beautifully serene. I know the blogs are a pain, but they are a visual and literary delight, and, most important, a link to you guys. I hope you can keep them coming. Love from Bubby and me, P


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