More Ramen: Takano

Today we went to Takano, another local mom-and-pop (literally, it’s owned and run by a husband and wife) ramen place.

This one is very highly regarded, we even waited in line for about 20 minutes before getting our seats.

Takano made it into the 2015 Michelin guide in the “Bib Gourmand” category. Which means “exceptionally good food at moderate prices.”

We got there a bit late and the dish Susannah wanted was sold out, so she got the “standard” ramen offered by the shop. It was very good, possibly the best traditional style ramen we’ve had.original.jpg

I got the sankarai ramen, which contained (in addition to the standard ramen toppings) a variety of spicy accoutrements, a pile of green onion, and what we think was japanese-style mustard pickle.IMG_0658.JPG

It was easily worth the 20-minute wait and the 10-minute walk from our house.


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3 Responses to More Ramen: Takano

  1. Shanna says:

    Can we go our first night? Hooray!


  2. says:

    Dearest Sam, your mother mentioned at least five times her eagerness to eat ramen. Hope you guys have a few favorites, including MomandPop place. Love, P


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