Back in Tokyo

At this point in the trip my parents had mostly figured out how to navigate the city, so they did most of the sightseeing on their own. But we still met up for plenty of meals.

One thing my mom had been interested in trying was ramen with a miso-based broth. Miso ramen is actually a fairly new development in the ramen world, and hails from northern Japan where hearty meals help stave off the freezing weather. Notice the opacity of the broth:IMG_0821.JPG

peaking of northern cuisine, we also went to an izakaya (kind of like a Japanese tapas bar) with dishes from Hokkaido, Japan’s northern-most island. The menu was hand-written, so it was a little difficult for Susannah and I to read it, but the owner was very nice, and helped us with it. He was also very enthusiastic about Hokkaido cuisine (that’s where he is from) and was excited to share it with us. Everything was very good, particularly the grilled meat, which we got in a rice bowl:IMG_0823.JPGThis is pork and beef grilled is a sauce and placed on rice. Simple, yet delicious.

We also got a ramen salad which proved to be as good as it was interesting:IMG_0824.JPGIt’s hard to see the noodles under all the vegetables, but they’re there.

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One Response to Back in Tokyo

  1. Muriel goldfarb says:

    Have you guys considered opening a restaurant in the States? Love, Bubbie


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