Lamb in Japan

For our first outing after Christmas we met up with Susannah’s friend Chihiro, and her boyfriend Ken for a special dinner.

We went to a well-regarded Ghengis Khan (Jingisukan, in Japanese) restaurant called Kurage. If you don’t know, Ghengis Khan (the food, not the guy) is similar to Yakiniku or Korean BBQ, where you grill your own meat. However, the meat in this case is lamb (a rarity in Japan), and the grill is convex, to replicate the helmets of the mongols, on which they supposedly cooked their meat.

It’s good to have a Japanese person around who can make reservations, because the restaurant was tiny and packed. It was also quite smokey because of all the table-top grills going at once.

Still, the food was delicious and it was a fun experience as well.

We ordered a couple of appetizers, and two course dishes for everyone to share. First was the lamb with mixed vegetables:IMG_0831.JPG

And the other was a different cut of lamb with kimchi (this is a bit later in the meal, so it’s easier to see the grill itself). For this dish, you cook the lamb and kimchi together and wrap it in various leafy greens with an avocado and tomato “salsa”:IMG_0834.JPG

We had a good time and look forward to having more interesting meals with Chihiro in the future.IMG_0832.jpg

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