Shabu Shabu

Sam and I had never had shabu shabu, so we kept looking for a place that looked like it would be mind-blowing. However, we realized that probably anywhere would be mind-blowing since we hadn’t eaten it, so we settled on a nearby place. We were right.

Shabu shabu, for those that aren’t aware, is a meal that consists of you dipping meats, vegetables, seafood, noodles, or whatever you want, into a boiling/hot liquid. Once your food is cooked to your satisfaction, you then dip it into a sauce of your choosing (we had ponzu, sesame, and some sort of house soy-based sauce). After you’ve dipped it to your liking, you eat it.

At many shabu shabu places, you get to choose what liquid you want to dip your food bits into. Sam and I, being not to this, decided to go with the traditional kombu dashi (a thick chunk chunk of seaweed that is boiled to create a broth) and a yuzu-shio broth (yuzu being a Japanese citrus that is often said to be an orange and lemon combined, but I find it much more floral and delicious than that description).

The place we went to was all you can eat, so once you finish your meats/veg, feel free to ask for more! Also, you’re given a skimmer to get the froth and foam created by the meat out of your broth, to help maintain the flavors. When we ran low on broths, because they were boiled down, they came and added more liquid so we could continue eating. They also had some sushi, salads, and other sides that you could order as part of the all-you-can-eat menu!



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