Mos rice burger

In Japan, one of the famous burger chains is called Mos burger. We happen to live above one! So, you might think we eat there a bunch, but you’d be wrong. After being in Japan for a year, we are really working on finding unique places to eat, to expand our experiences being here; eating only fast food wouldn’t help that.

That being said, Mos burger offers something that you might be able to get elsewhere, but I would still consider a Japanese experience: the rice burger!

mos-burger-2012-seasonal-rice-burgers mos_rice_seafood1

As you can see from the above pictures, the mos rice burger replaces the bun with a yaki (grilled) rice patty. However, you cannot simply get any old burger with a rice bun; there are seasonal changes to the menu and (at least currently) there are three rice burger options. The newest one was the thing that piqued my interest: the yakiniku (grilled meat) rice burger.

I got one and ate it. Here is a picture:IMG_5345

The burger itself was nicely prepared and I generally liked it alright (it’s still fast food, so keep that in mind). The only issue I actually had with it was that the lettuce was being heated on both sides (from the meat and the rice patty) so it became a bit cooked, which isn’t the crispest form it could have taken. In the end, I would say there is a reason why they only choose a few rice burgers to exist and, if you want to try one, get it sans lettuce. Also, it’s small so maybe get a few and try them all! I was definitely still hungry after one.

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  1. says:

    Well that helps as we’re going for hamburgers (not riceburgers) tonight. Would rather have ramen but burgers will have to do.


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