Tsurun’s Mazesoba

If you’re a regular to this blog, or just don’t live in a bunker cut off from civilization, you are aware of ramen. What you may not have heard of (I hadn’t) is mazesoba, which is a primarily broth-less noodle dish that has a variety of toppings. Also, with ramen, restaurants will refer to it as Chinese; with mazesoba, restaurants call it Taiwanese. Not sure if that’s worth noting, but it’s interesting enough.

With mazesoba, the toppings at restaurants usually involve a raw egg, which Sam doesn’t like and I’ve tried before but prefer not having (it just dulls the flavors too much for my tastes, but it’s not bad). Therefore, we were very happy to find a place a short walk from our apartment called Tsurun. This place has mazesoba sans raw egg and has some fantastic toppings.

We went for a late lunch, since we tend to do that, and managed to find the place with plenty of free seats (we went on a weekday around 2pm; people don’t eat lunch on weekdays around then). The guy behind the counter was really nice and often tried to talk to us in English, to make sure we understood. We being his only customers at the time, got his full attention, but it was kinda nice!

When we got our mazesoba, it was really good. He later came to give us a (not pictured) chicken rice we ordered, and when he saw Sam was adding garlic that was in the condiment area, he also pointed out the vinegar sauce that was meant for the mazesoba. Lemme tell you, these noodles were really good before those condiments, but they were AMAZING afterwards (so much so that I’ve changed my plans for today so that they involve another visit).

The toppings are a seasoned ground meat, chopped chinese chives, and mustard pickle chunks!

The toppings are a seasoned ground meat, chopped chinese chives, and mustard pickle chunks!

When I went to pay, the guy and I had a conversation about ramen. The store offers a Taiwanese style ramen, so I thought he was going to tell me to come back for the ramen, but instead he told me I should try Takano! Hahahaha! He was such a nice, humble guy!

Anyway, if you’re in Togoshi/Nakanobu and you want some mazesoba, you gotta try Tsurun. I loved it!

EDIT: I totally forgot! When you get down to the last bits of liquid,150x150_square_42051674 the guy brings over
some rice and a clump of seaweed (not sure the type but I actually liked it, which is abnormal) and you mix the seaweed, rice, and remaining liquid together for an awesome finisher: (note: this is not my picture. I got it from their tabelog page)


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One Response to Tsurun’s Mazesoba

  1. deb92024 says:

    All that AND mustard pickle? I LOVE mustard pickle!


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