When it’s too hot for soup, but you’re still craving ramen, tsukemen is your biz.

Tsukemen is “dipping ramen.” The noodles are served cold, separately from the warm (not hot) broth, and you dip them before stuffing your face. Not having your face buried in a steaming bowl of broth  is a much more pleasant way of eating soup in 90° weather. The broth is also far more concentrated and thick to facilitate clinging to the noodles.

First is Rokurinsha, a shop serving tsukemen exclusively. They boast a classic pork and chicken based broth served with fresh, minced chillies, to be added in at your leisure. Additionally, a slice of chashu (pork belly)is submerged in the broth.IMG_1073.JPG

Next, is Mitaseimenjo. Their offering is a seasonal tsukemen with umeboshi (japanese pickled plum) added to their pork and seafood broth. A lot of foreigners don’t like umeboshi because of it’s sourness, but I do so I though the hint of tang in the broth was great. It also came with shredded pork, and I ordered a chashu topping, while Susannah got the special which also came with egg and bamboo shoots.IMG_1235.JPG


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One Response to Tsukemen

  1. Shanna Bryant says:

    Yum! That looks awesome and would be perfect in steamy NC.


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