Some Seasonal Sweets

As previously stated in other posts, Japan is a very seasonal place. Not only is the weather intensely dependent on the season (unlike in Southern California, for example) but so are the foods. Around childrens’ day, which is in the beginning of May, you can find little celebratory cookies in the shapes of fish flags, but there are also three different types of daifuku (balls of mochi stuffed with something, usually a type of bean paste) you can get:


The packet I have shown above has koshian, tsubuan, and misoan. Koshian is a smooth red bean paste, tsubuan is a chunky red bean paste that still retains some of the beans’ shape, and misoan (at least for this one) is a smooth bean paste that has miso added in for flavor.

Here’s an inside pic:

IMG_5391IMG_5394 IMG_5392 IMG_5396I preferred the tsubuan because the texture blends well with the texture and elasticity of the mochi, whereas the texture of the koshian, while being the same ingredients, makes the dish a different experience. While the mochi is stretching from your bite (mochi is very stretchy) this tsubuan is able to get itself into the new corners, since it isn’t chunky. It also allows for the mochi’s texture to be the focal point of the dessert. As for the misoan, I just didn’t enjoy that addition to the dessert as much as the plain tsubuan.

Next time you have a chance, try them for yourself and see which you prefer!

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2 Responses to Some Seasonal Sweets

  1. deb92024 says:

    It seems unfair for you to tempt us with all these treats and there’s no way for us to taste them. Just saying….


  2. says:

    If not tonight, definitely going for a Japanese dinner this week (you would probably not see it as anything close to the beautiful food displays you send.)


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