Book Update

I thought this was pretty funny, so I figured I’d give an update:

A package arrived for me and I excitedly opened it only to find…

A copy of Random House Webster’s Dictionary!

I’m talking with the book sellers, but it was just a truly interesting thing to discover. I figure that the “R” at the beginning was the reason, since that’s the only similarity I can see between this dictionary and a copy of “Ringworld”. Oh well.

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4 Responses to Book Update

  1. Leda says:

    emphasis on “random”! That has to be the absolute worst possible substitute book ever!


  2. deb92024 says:

    I guess someone could say that a dictionary contains all the words of all the books but in relatively random order. If you like jigsaw puzzles you could have a lifetime of enjoyment extracting Shakeoeare from the dictionary!


  3. owegami says:

    I think I’ll need to find a new book. Turns out that seller didn’t have the book, so they gave me a refund and said to keep the dictionary for my troubles. Next I found another seller and, after receiving an email that said it was shipped, I got another message in which they informed me they didn’t have the book and would refund me. So… Instead of this sisyphean book buying process, I think I’ll just… Find another way to get a book.


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