Korea Updates: First 3 days

Hello! So, recently Sam and I went to Korea, specifically Seoul, and had a great time. We took tons of pictures, which brings us to the issue on why you may not have seen any of this on the blog: we’re running out of space to post media on this blog. Because we will be taking a few trips out of Japan, we will have more pictures from those weeks than our normal outings, which means we would run out of space after just one of those trips, even though we have at least three planned. Therefore, we have started a blog to include those trips, and only those trips.

So far, on the other blog, we have posted about our first three days in Seoul. Because it is another blog, those of you that are on our rss feed or mailing list haven’t received updates. Here are the options before you:

  • Go to the other blog, by clicking here, and sign up to get updates from it as well as this one.
  • Check out the menu bar in the header of this blog. The fourth option on the menu is “Trips outside of Japan”. You can either click on that to go directly to the other blog or hover over it to have the trips broken up into countries, days, and other categories I might add later on.
  • You can wait for update blocks like this one, where I will post links to a collection of posts for each day of the trip. For those links, look at the bullets embedded below:

Now, with those above options, those of you that want the least amount of work and want to keep up-to-date on everything will choose the first one. If you want to see only the finished product in chunks, then you can really do either the second or third options. The choice is yours.

Moving on to a little info about our posts on Korea: Korea food is a fairly new and delicious realm for me, maybe for you as well, so in posting about it I have included more links to recipes and other information. These are included in case you want to try making some of it yourself or just want to learn what it is exactly. This is hopefully not necessary (unless I completely forgot to explain something), but feel free to explore the world of Korea cuisine, because it is amazing. 

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One Response to Korea Updates: First 3 days

  1. deb92024 says:

    This is really a comment about your blog post on the other site – and it is AMAZING and WONDERFUL! Really enjoyed reading it!


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