Random stuff we’ve tried this past month…

Hello! Here are some random things we’ve tried this past month and a sort of review. Let’s begin:


Coco’s curry delivery! I got a seasonal dish which had a big ol’ cabbage katsu (which is a term for something breaded and fried) with a veggie curry. It also had some mustard coleslaw sort of topping. It was really good, but I really liked the cutlet and slaw most. I’ve not been in a Japanese curry mood for a while now, which is weird because I used to crave it constantly… Anyway, it was still good!

* * *


I got a cheese ice cream! Sam was grossed out by the concept, but it was weirdly delicious. I liked it. If you wanna try a cheese ice cream on your own, this is a video from a youtube channel focused on recipes from the 17th and 18th century, in which they make a parmesan ice cream. I’m pretty in love/obsessed with that cooking channel. Also, I went to that reenactment village (from the video I linked) while I was in college!

* * *


We got some dragonfruit and star fruit to try on sale. I’ve had star fruit, but I hadn’t had the lighter version, and I had never tried dragonfruit in Asia, which might be better than in America. Guess what?! It wasn’t. Also, the lighter star fruit was more – how best to put it? Savory? Less sweet at least. Also less flavorful in general. But check out the dragonfruit blood on that knife. Not delicious, but pretty.

* * *


Watermelon soda. It was alright. I get tired of sodas after they’re half finished and sam doesn’t like watermelon flavoring, so it was good that this one was really tiny. But yeah. It was alright.

* * *


We’ve been there before, but we grabbed some NYC style pizza at a place in Shibuya called, Pizza Slice. It’s good, though the sauce is a bit sweet. But it’s still good.

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5 Responses to Random stuff we’ve tried this past month…

  1. Leda says:

    Sometimes when you eat something a lot a lot, you totally lose your taste for it. That could be what happened to you with the curry. I once ate so much Trader Joe’s Pirate Booty, I have to avert my eyes when I walk past it now.

    Personally, I feel that way about most Asian fruits: looks prettier than it tastes.

    I have to say, that slice looks pretty realistic! Not NYC realistic, but hey, you’re in Japan!!

    What did you guys do for Sam’s birthday? 🎂


    • owegami says:

      I think you’re right about the lost taste for curry. Maybe in time…

      As for Sam’s birthday, he wouldn’t let me do anything. He is so weird about birthdays… They’re the best day of the year but he hates celebrating things. I married a weirdo.


      • Leda says:

        He’s quirky. When is your birthday, and how does Sam feel about celebrating that?


      • owegami says:

        Mine is July 8th and he knows he must celebrate it. When we first started dating I set up a series of birthday reminders on his computer so he would never forget. I also remind him everyday for weeks in advance and we collaborate on what we should do on/around that day. I take birthdays VERY seriously.


      • Leda says:

        Haha! Then I’m sorry I missed it! Hope it was everything you were hoping for! 🍰👑


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