Yesterday, I had a crap day of work, as is commonly the case, so I wanted to go out for lunch to get my mind off it. We wanted to try something new and, as luck with have it, Sam found 天丼 (tendon), a tempura place near us. We actually haven’t been to a tempura place since we moved to Japan, so this was a first. When we walked in, the sweet notes of jazz ushered us to our seats, while we ordered from a nice, older Japanese man.

Sam doesn’t like seafood much, so he liked the sound of this place because they offered a bowl of vegetable tempura. As for me, I went for the house bowl of assorted tempura, which included a soft-boiled egg, some squid, green pepper, sweet potato, shrimp, and some sort of fish, which I can’t remember what is was called. As for Sam, he had a mushroom (i ate it since he hates mushrooms), some eggplant, a sweet potato, a green pepper, and some shredded carrot.

Take a look:

My bowl. The long one is the unidentified fish. It might have been conger eel...

My bowl. The long one is the unidentified fish. It might have been conger eel…

Sam's bowl.

Sam’s bowl.

My bowl, probably because of the seafood, also had some bits of lemon or yuzu peel. It gave it a really refreshing flavor. In conclusion, this was amazing. I want more right now.

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2 Responses to Tempura

  1. deb92024 says:

    I want it now too


  2. Shanna says:

    That Sam fella must have been raised by wolves.


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