Odawara Castle

We decided to make a day trip to the Hakone area from Tokyo, and while we weren’t able to take full advantage of the area due to time constraints, we still saw some interesting things.

First we stopped in the town of Odawara to visit the castle. Odawara Castle has existed in various forms for almost 500 years, but has suffered a number of destructions from both warlords such as Toyotomi Hideyoshi (the unifier of Japan), as well as multiple natural disasters (why does anyone live here?). However, the castle has been completely reconstructed to match the height of it’s status as one of the most important castles in Eastern Japan.

The moat and outer wall:IMG_5902.JPG

Main gate:IMG_1887.JPG

The main structure:IMG_1881.JPG

The main structure has been transformed into a museum which contains artifacts relating to the history of the castle.IMG_5906.jpgIMG_5913.jpgIMG_5907.JPG

You can also go all the way to the top for some nice views of the surrounding area.IMG_5910.jpgIMG_5921.JPGIMG_5919.JPG


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2 Responses to Odawara Castle

  1. Rwg30@aol.com says:

    It is impressive. But, hey, people live in San Francisco! Love to both of you, P

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  2. deb92024 says:

    Beautiful pictures but what is the reason for concern about why people live there?


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