King of Pro-Wrestling

Back at the end of October, we attended our second live wrestling show, NJPW’s King of Pro Wrestling (KOPW).

KOPW is a much larger, more important show than then Best of the Super Jrs, with their biggest stars, larger arena, and higher stakes. This show takes place in Tokyo’s Royogoku Kokugigan Hall, which is where major Sumo matches are held. The seating on the lower level of the arena is made up of unique box-seats called masu. These seats fit up to four people (you are expected to share) and you sit, or lounge as if you are on the floor.

Here is the view from our seats about 30 mins before the show:IMG_1927.JPG

Here is a panorama, showing the rest of the arena. It’s a really nice building, and there’s not a bad seat in the house really:IMG_1926.JPG

Because of all the flashing lights, and rapid movement our old cameras weren’t really able to pick up the wrestlers, so instead I will show you pictures that someone else took.

NOTE: Again, these are not our pictures, but the person who took them had a similar angle to us.

The anime character, Tiger Mask made his real-world debut. People started freaking out because they realized that under the mask  (he never took it off) was Kota Ibushi, a world famous wrestler who used to work for NJPW last year. He turned down a six-figure WWE contract so he could wrestle as a cartoon character in an exhibition match. He’s an interesting guy.kS2mhZhr.jpg

One of the Young Bucks, a sibling tag team.luLofINr.jpg

Our favorite guy, Ricochet!GrfyrQ9r.jpgBGn65HDr.jpg

BUSHI, with the best masks in the biz:9E8kzt0r.jpg

Hiroshi Tanahashi and SANADA go at it:eeSSwUpr.jpg

Our other favorite guy Tetsuya Naito (and BUSHI’s mask) looks on:PVt3ockr.jpg

Katsuyori Shibata retains his title belt:m6XgY9Sr.jpg

Kenny Omega, our uh… other, other favorite guy taunts his opponent:TyFiBOhr.jpg

The main star of NJPW, Kazuchika Okada, aka “The Rainmaker,” arrives:gQbvCs1r.jpg

And retains his title belt:sdNHcbSr.jpg

All in all, it was a great show. Going to the sumo arena was interesting, and experiencing the masu seats was unique, but uncomfortable.

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