Tokyo Ramen Show 2016

Not to be confused with last year’s Ramen Fest. The Ramen Show runs about a week and a half, and features 40 different ramen vendors from all over Japan. In addition, there are live performances, exclusive goods, and tons of memorabilia. We managed to make it through 4 different bowls,while listening to the dulcet tones of eating-themed, all-girl pop group Chubbiness. Yep.

The first bowl was Ramen Iroha’s Toyama-style Black ramen:IMG_5966.JPG

With two kinds of pork meat, anchovy and pork broth, and black-as-night soy sauce flavor, this bowl was rich, and flavorful. The black pepper was a nice touch as well.IMG_5967.JPG

Next up, is Ramen Oshima’s Sapporo-style ramen. IMG_5969.JPG

With fat, alkaline noodles and a thick, miso and fat-rich broth, Oshima’s ramen is the epitome of Sapporo-style. However, this bowl also contains raw, grated ginger which gives it a great fresh, sharp taste. You can see it under the onion here:IMG_5970.JPG

Third, we have a unique chicken ramen from Fukushima:IMG_5975.JPG

In addition to the chicken broth, and the spicy, minced chicken topping, there is a Japanese rolled egg which gives the soup a slightly sweet aftertaste. IMG_5976.JPG

We finished with a straight chicken broth ramen made specifically for the Ramen Show from the famous Tomita in our home prefecture of Chiba.IMG_5974.JPG

The broth may have been straight chicken, but it was very thick and rich, with a hint of soy sauce flavoring. What really stood out about this bowl was the noodles. They were made in such a way as to give them a very smooth texture, almost like pasta, but still buckwheat soba. It was very interesting.IMG_5973.JPG

In the end, we had a great time (how could you not with all that ramen?). Susannah’s favorite bowl was the last one; Tomita’s special chicken ramen. My favorite was Iroha’s black broth ramen, the first one.

He is a picture of the booths as we were leaving:IMG_1977.JPG

Also, on our way back we stopped to get a dessert:IMG_1978.JPGA fresh-baked melon bread stuffed with a heaping helping of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. It was amazing.

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